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Below are some frequent questions to help you with understanding the deployment process and technical support of GreenZero.

GreenZero is installed by our qualified partner community across Australia. From capital cities to regional Australia, we have you covered. Enquire today so we can provide you with the most convenient installation service.
Yes, we have qualified engineers across the country, from city to regional areas.
GreenZero is an integrated single platform. Guests use a simple and single remote control to access all services including streaming apps, free to air TV, hotel and site information.
We build solutions to fit all budgets and deployment types. Contact us today to discuss the right solution for your business.
Yes, in most cases GreenZero is backwards compatible with all late model Smart TV’s that provide HDMI ports. Contact us today to discuss a deployment model to suit your business.
Yes, we can supply and all install all major TV brands including, but not limited to LG, Samsung and Philips. We also have access to lesser priced TV options to suit your budget requirements. Contact us to discuss you desired solution.
Through our network of qualified support partners, we have a single support platform -1Support. We provide ongoing managed services and can assist with user support and vendor management including warranty and replacement hardware options. For more information visit
Yes, GreenZero can integrate with existing Foxtel deployments including Sport and Movie Channels. GreenZero can also replace costly Foxtel deployments and offer a new world of streaming services. Customers can bring their own streaming services and login via the GreenZero TV menu.
Yes, GreenZero has in-built cyber and network security providing your guests with peace of mind that their information is safe and secure.

Built Picture Perfect
A Better Than Home Experience

Nowadays, guests expect a better TV system than what they are used to. However, with the advent of Netflix and smart TVs this becomes increasingly harder. Rely on us to keep your smart TVs equipped with cutting edge technology with on demand video content and other customer applications.

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Unique Digital Experience
A Complete Customised User Experience

GreenZero can create custom solutions with all the latest forms of entertainment such as free to air TV, on demand movies, meditation videos and other custom apps at the hands of your guests. Reviews on are raving about our clients’ TV systems and critical on those that don’t have great entertainment systems.

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